Allereva is a Natural and Safe way way to combat allergies.

Helps fight 99.99% of bed bugs abd germs

96.6% Minimizing the risk of allergic reactions

Specially designed to tackle dust Moistening algae

How to use the product

Shake before use
Spray once a day
1 spray per 4m2 of textile

The spray is safe for all types of textile and does not stain

Protect your family with Allereva

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Just spray it and open a new experience of Clean Life

What Applications

Effectively protect yuor home against dust mites with our Alleeva ssut mite spray.

Allereva anti-dust-mite covers protects the family against mite allergens

Product benefits

  • Provides up to 6 months of protection.
  • Reduces the risk of inhalation of allergens.
  • Helps in the prevention of allergic diseases related to dust mites.
  • Clinically proven and positively assessed.
  • Extremely easy-to-spray application
  • Safe for human and pets!